Best Practices from our Panel of Customer Experience Experts

We had a great turn out at Agnostic’s first event, the Customer Experience (CX) Breakfast Panel. Over 40 senior business leaders came to hear from our industry leading expert panelists; Renee Racine,, Natalia Dukszta, and Mark Jordan,  

At Agnostic, we are focused on digital customer experience strategy and design. Four years after Forester suggested that we are entering the Age of the Customer -- where customer-obsessed organizations need to prioritize customer knowledge and engagement over traditional competitive barriers (like price and product) -- we’re seeing CX in action:

  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey)
  • 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. (Forbes)
  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Customers 2020 Report)

What do you need to consider when delivering a superior customer experience? Here are our top 10 insights into customer experience from our expert panel:

1.       At its heart, CX is your competitive advantage! It is, can be and should be the differentiator that will make the consumer pick YOU over the other guy. By investing in a meaningful CX, you add value and meaning to what could be a merely transactional experience.

2.       Even if you don’t have a tangible product, there is room and opportunity to give your customer, donor, client or stakeholder a meaningful experience that will make them want to read your content, hang out on your web site and interact with you more often.

3.       CX needs to be consistent and relevant across all media platforms and channels – website, mobile, tablet, in store, content, customer service, etc.

4.       If you orient your teams around creating and investing in CX, it encourages your team members to think of customers and clients as individuals, and what value proposition you are bringing to them- as an individual

5.       Bloggers and influencers who are aligned with your customer and/or client base can bring unique and authentic voices to the table, that can integrate really nicely into an overall customer experience. Blogger content integrated into is a great example of this.

6.       A true Voice of the Customer program is a great way to refine your CX, and make sure it continues to be fresh and relevant, by creating a formal framework for listening to customers who have voiced both positive and negative feedback on the brand. Check out Indigo’s well developed “Indigo Ideas” VOC program at

7.       Test. Test. Test. AB testing helps to narrow down and defend site features, campaigns, content and can guide decision making and direction, through an objective lens.

8.       Be prepared to manage internal change to support true cross channel adaptation of a common CX. Get leaders excited about CX by positioning cross channel integration as a solid business driver that is integrated into overall marketing plans.

9.       Make sure your website is built so that different types of customers coming to the site can find exactly what they want, and in the manner they expect to find it (tablet, computer, phone etc.)

10.   People expect personal experiences that are useful and relevant to their lives. A thoughtfully designed customer experience can provide targeted content that delivers unique user preferences.

What are your experiences developing digital customer experiences? 

Andrew KinnearComment