Introducing Agnostic

Today marks a special day (albeit two years in the making).

I’m exceptionally proud to announce the launch of our new brand, Agnostic. Shaped by a growing team of more than a dozen Strategists, Creatives, Analysts, Researchers, and Content Producers, we work with clients to create digital experiences that transform the relationship between their brand, their consumers and the cultural trends around them.

So why the name Agnostic? We took a hard look at how we’ve been solving digital marketing challenges and, simply put, we don’t enter into client engagements with preconceived notions. Our strategies have been driven by business, cultural and consumer insights – and we will continue to tackle client problems through a media neutral approach; remaining platform and technology agnostic.

In market, we’re encouraged to see more brands investing in customer experience. And while this is a great step forward, it not only requires a change in how companies collaborate with customers externally, but also compels them to understand the growing role that influencers have on their brand.

Everyone always talks about nailing the relationship between brand and consumer.  But the Agnostic team also considers a third critical piece of this puzzle – analysis of social discussions, search trends, and digital ecosystem performance. Why?  Because we know that cultural trends and societal norms also influence consumer action and advocacy.

In short, many agencies look at how brands can engage in digital. Agnostic looks at how consumers are influenced by digital, and what opportunities this presents to brands. It’s this type of thinking that helps us stand out from the pack, and has helped define our creative and digital offerings.

We invite you to tour the new Agnostic, and follow us on our own budding social ecosystem as content will be updated regularly. 

Steve AckenComment